Annual Disease Returns (ADR) due

31 May 2016 – 1 June 2016 all-day

Biosecurity (National American Foulbrood Pest Management Strategy) Order 1998
27. Annual Disease Return

  1. On or before 1 June in each year, every beekeeper must, for all beehives owned by that beekeeper, complete and send to the management agency an Annual Disease Return.
  2. An Annual Disease Return must be in the form provided by or obtained from the management agency and must contain –
    1. The number of honey bee colonies in beehives owned by that beekeeper; and
    2. The location of each beehive where an American foulbrood case was found and the dates on which those cases were discovered; and
    3. The dates on which the ownership of any beehives was transferred to or from the beekeeper and, in each case, the number of beehives transferred and the name and address of the transferee and transferor; and
    4. Any change to the information supplied to the management agency in accordance with clause 17.
  3. A breach of this rule, without reasonable excuse, is an offence under section 154 (1) of the Act.

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