Swarm Control

- Bee Swarms -


Bees typically swarm between Spring and early to mid-summer. They do this for a few reasons and generally are quite calm and good-natured as they are searching for a new home and aren’t normally interested in you.

If you discover a swarm of bees DO NOT BE ALARMED. They will normally settle on a bush or tree bench (hardly ever on the ground) and will form into a football shape with the Queen bee right in the centre of the swarm to keep her safe and warm. Scouts will fly out to find a suitable space for their new home, once found they will all move on to that new home. Beekeepers will normally collect a swarm and re-home them into a beehive.

Please contact Franklin Beekeepers Club hive master on 021 02304189 who will organise collection of the swarm for you, there is normally no charge for this service unless the swarm is in an enclosed building (inside a wall etc), which requires specialized equipment to remove.

Our hive master needs to know a few things and will ask you the following:

The address of the swarm.

Where exactly is the swarm on the property (height, size, ease of access etc).

If possible our hive master will ask for a photo (if possible).

Please DO NOT ATTEMPT TO HARM the bees (fly spray etc), bees are a very important part of our eco system and where ever possible we will save them. Thank You.

HIVE MASTER: Phone 021 02304189