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American Foulbrood (AFB) Course

American Foulbrood (AFB) is a disease of honeybee larvae and pupae. It is the most serious honeybee disease in NZ.

In other countries AFB is treated with antibiotics, but in NZ all hives with AFB must be destroyed by burning.  

AFB courses are run by American Foulbrood National Pest Management Plan (AFNPMP). Their goal is to eliminate AFB in all managed beehives in NZ.

AFNPMP run 2 local courses:    

  1. AFB recognition course training (with test)
  2. AFB refresher training (with no test)

We recommend as a beekeeper you complete the recognition course even if you will use a Disease Elimination Conformity Agreement (DECA) inspector for your annual and legally required AFB hive inspections.

Here is the link to the AFB courses.