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Here’s our library book list available for members to borrow for free.

  • Our library is open every club meeting.
  • Borrowing periods are for one month i.e. borrow at one meeting, return at next meeting. Extensions can be made with prior agreement from committee.
  • We don’t charge late fines so appreciate books being returned on time.


Title Author
Beekeeping for Beginners Franklin Beekeepers Club
Beekeeping in NZ T.S. Winter
Beekeeping for Dummies Howland Blackiston
Bees & Wasps James Maclaine
Elimination of American Foulbrood Disease without the use of Drugs Mark Goodwin
Fat Bees, Skinny Bees NSW MPI
Handbook on Treatment of Varroa Mark Goodwin & Michelle Taylor
Honey & Dust Piers Moore Ede
Honey Nature's Golden Healer Gloria Havenhand
How to Build a Top Bar Hive PJ Chandlier
Natural Beekeeping, Organic Approaches to Modern Apiculture Ross Conrad
New Zealand Gardener Magazine 2015-2020
Pollination of Crops in Australia Mark Goodwin
Practical Beekeeping in New Zealand, 4th Edition Matherson & Reid
The Bees Laline Paull
The New Zealand BeeKeeper Magazine 1998 - 2020
Top Bar Beekeeping in NZ Backyards Janet Luke
Weed Control Guide Auckland City Council