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DECA Holders

Below is Franklin Beekeepers Club list of DECA holders who can inspect your hives in the South Auckland or North Franklin area, so you can return your Certificate of Inspection due by 30th of November annually.

This is not a complete list of all our DECA holders - just those with time available to help. Please discuss with them availability and costs for inspecting your hives. A typical charge is about $50/hive and $25/nuc.

If you are eligible and want your name added to our DECA holders list, please email secretary@franklinbees.co.nz

Who to contact

Name Phone Inspection Area
Adam Corbett 021 771 335 North Franklin & South Auckland
Andrew Daken 021 722 750 Pukekohe to Manuwera
Brendon Cutter 027 269 2908 (text only please) Waiuku

What information to provide

  • Your name, phone number and apiary location
  • Number of single and/or double brood boxes
  • Confirmation your varroa treatment is done
  • Confirmation your paperwork is complete and ready for signing