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Honey Competition Rules

Last Update: 16th March 2024

Who is eligible to enter

The competition is only open to paid-up members of the Franklin Beekeepers Club.

How are the points awarded

You can put in one entry in each of the classes listed. There are 6 classes for honey in jars, 3 classes for frames, 2 for wax and 2 for alcohol. Each class has a first place with 3 points awarded, second place with 2 points and third place with 1 point.


Category Class
Honey Liquid Honey
Competitors to classify as LIGHT, MEDIUM or DARK with only one entry in each section and will be judged by:
  • Presentation – fill level, presence of foam, clarity, absence of bee parts and clean rim and lid.
  • Viscosity – low moisture.
  • Aroma – pleasing,  not pungent.
  • Flavour – sweet with no burnt taste.
Honey Creamed Honey
Judged for taste, colour and freedom from froth and impurities.
Honey Naturally Granulated Honey
Judged for taste, colour and freedom from froth and impurities.
Frame Extraction Frame
Select a frame drawn out evenly on both sides to make for easy uncapping and extraction. Frames should be drawn out wider than both the top and bottom bars.
Frame Cut Comb Frame
Select a frame for clean appearance with no surface discoloration and no pollen. Comb should be filled right out to the edge. Frame should be of even thickness and not as wide as the extraction frame.
Frame Heaviest Frame
Encourage the use of fewer frames in the hives and thus, more honey per frame and less work extracting. Don’t worry about how the frame looks.
Wax Pure Wax
A 500g block of pure clear wax. Judged for purity and colour.
Wax Novelty Wax
Something modelled from pure wax. Judged for art form and purity of wax. Use can be made of rubber moulds, candles, carving etc.
Alcohol Wine
Judged by members tasting.
Alcohol Mead
Judged by members tasting.


  • Honey (Liquid and Creamed) should be presented in clear 500g jars.
  • Liquid honey can be kept in the freezer to prevent crystallization.
  • Creamed honey is made by seeding liquid honey with 5-10% of creamed honey of your liking. Store at a temperature of 10 degrees and stir twice a day for three days or until it becomes too stiff. Place the honey to be creamed in a chilly-bin along with a frozen 2-litre bottle of water to keep it cool (a refrigerator is probably too cold).
  • Frame should be presented in a clean super (with a mat or base and cover to prevent dripping) or Nuc box.
  • When you have chosen the frames you wish to present, you can store them in the freezer to prevent them from losing too much honey and to protect them from wax-moth.

Remember, the more classes you enter the higher your possible total score. The entrant with the highest score overall is judged the winner and will win the Big Sting Trophy for the year.

Good Luck!