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Why Join Franklin Beekeepers Club?

We’re a friendly bunch of country folk on Auckland’s fringes with an interest in beekeeping as a hobby and industry. We've a strong focus on training, teaching and support - with courses, monthly discussions and demonstrations (with Q&As) and practical sessions in our apiary.

Membership benefits

  1. You can hire our extraction room (the only one in the Auckland area). It complies with the Food Act 2014 as a certified premise to extract and jar honey, so you can sell, barter or donate your honey legally.
  2. You get social opportunities to meet beekeepers and bee enthusiasts, developing your sense of belonging and community.
  3. You can go into our club hives every month with our hive master, giving you a greater visual learning experience for every season.
  4. You get ‘year-round’ information and guidance from experienced beekeepers to support you and develop your knowledge.
  5. You can ask questions and share information in our private Facebook forum.
  6. You can join our ‘swarm list’ to start (or increase) your beehives.
  7. You can enter our famous annual honey competition (more information here) to join the legendary winners of our prestigious Big Sting Trophy.
  8. You can advertise any non-commercial buy/sell/exchange e.g. extraction equipment, nucs or hives,  in our newsletters or on our members-only Facebook Group.
  9. You can vote at our Annual General Meetings and Special Meetings.