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Club Meetings Calendar

We meet on the second Sunday of every month (except at Covid levels 3 or 4) from 10am to midday. Starting with a cup of tea/coffee and chat amongst members (a great opportunity to get or give advice), we move into the monthly discussion and/or demonstration (with Q&As) before heading outside (weather permitting) for a practical session in our hives.

New members always welcome.

Date Discussion Topics
6 Dec 2020 Tutin, extraction room induction, Q&As, BBQ, Ecrotek samples
10 Jan 2021 No meeting
14 Feb 2021 Labelling honey for sale, robbing dangers (using robbing screens and entrance reducers), checking hive health (varroa), harvesting, Q&As
14 Mar 2021 Treating for varroa, checking for wax moth, assessing hive strength, storing honey supers, shutting down entrances, Q&As
11 Apr 2021 Annual honey competition & AGM
9 May 2021 Removing varroa treatments, preparing for winter, feeding winter stores, winter hive equipment, installing insulation, Q&As
13 Jun 2021 Removing varroa treatments, controlling wax moth for stored equipment, wintering down, Q&As
11 July 2021  
8 Aug 2021  
12 Sep 2021  
10 Oct 2021  
14 Nov 2021  
12 Dec 2021  
9 Jan 2022 No meeting

Who to contact

Email secretary@franklinbees.co.nz if you want to come and check us out. That way we can reply to you, then watch out for you, welcome you at the door and introduce you to others.

Where to go

Address: 137 Sim Road, Paerata. 

How to get there

From Pukekohe, head to Drury on Paerata Rd (which turns into Karaka Rd). Sim Rd second on right (has turning lane) after passing Caltex and Pukekohe Golf Club.

From Drury, head to Pukekohe on Karaka Rd. Sim Rd on left after passing Blackbridge Rd on right.

Clubroom and apiary are approximately 1.4 km along Sim Rd on left. Watch the sharp right-hand corner halfway along. Please park on the verge to allow room for residents to drive past. When leaving Sim Rd please take care re-joining traffic on Karaka Rd (as it's also SH22).

What to bring

To reduce the risk of spreading disease, please do not bring your beekeeping equipment like gloves or hive tools to the club. You’re welcome to bring your bee suit and we’ll provide you with gloves and other equipment (and bee suits too if required). This protects our club hives plus protects you from taking diseases home to your hives.